I am an Assistant Research Scientist in the School of Earth & Space Exploration and the Center for Education Through Exploration at Arizona State Univeristy. I received my PhD in Isotope Geochemistry and Discipline-Based Education Research from ASU in 2014.

Currently I have the pleasure of working on a variety of research and evaluation projects connected to digitally-mediated learning. These range from studying new modalities of learning, such as virtual field trips, to studying adaptive learning technologies and learning analytics, to studying equity and inclusion at the institutional level.

The links below describe some of my current projects.

  • Studying Digital Learning Experiences

    My research has focused on understanding how digital learning experiences can be designed and used most effective in helping students to learn. Much of this work is design-based research, so I am fortunate to be working with the ETX Center at ASU, who are continually exploring new ways to make effective use of technology in education.

  • Learning through Virtual Field Trips

    The ETX Center is one of the leaders in advancing the technology and learning design of what we refer to as immersive, interactive virtual field trips, or iVFT. I have previously published a curriculum & instruction study describing the design ideas behind iVFTs and demonstrating their educational effectiveness. Future work will explore the value of specific design approaches within iVFTs as well as their capacity to develop learners’ understanding of the process of science or transdisciplinary connections that go beyond science.

  • Inclusive Excellence

    Most of my research examines how science education can be made more effective, but effectiveness only partially captures the overall mission of a university or other school. It is equally important that high quality education is equitably provided. I am currently working with a team at ASU funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Inclusive Excellence program to study ASU’s growing online degree and course offerings in order to understand whether they are providing inclusive excellence.

  • Educational Evaluation

    In addition to my work in education research, I have served and continue to serve as project evaluator for projects funded by NASA, NSF, and the U.S. Department of Education.